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Three tips for encouraging problems: Recognizing problem, facing problem, and solving problem.
Knowledge is the key to let these processes go well.
We have listed below for frequently encountered problems.
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  • Problems of general measures
    Protection of the skin
    Should prevent skin and light from hardenning the resin to contact directly, so as not to cause the skin inflammation. Use the rubber glove of the thick quality to totally block the skin and keep in touch, effective protection hands. Consider only hardenning the resin erosion and permeability to the glove material while choosing the glove. Result that the PE glove that generally common PVC emulsion glove and surface are porous was not protected for a long time. According to studying, the material of the rubber glove hardens main compositions of the resin to the light with Nitrile Rubber and Butyl Rubber --It is best to press one gram of shelter results with single strength. The sweat liquid of the human body is apt to cause the skin inflammation too. The rubber glove of the cotton intermediate layer can be reduced and arranged the sweat, protect the skin. Much skin care products can protect the skin, the ones that avoided chemical raw materials were infected with. Control the products which arrange the sweat too on the market. It is very valid that it is used that it is large, apt to cause the season of the skin inflammation in the humidity. Work in the clean long sleeves trousers, avoid only hardenning the resin and keeping in touch with the skin. Working had better be worn clean work clothes each time. Some cases show the soiled clothes will cause the skin inflammation too. The clothes should be changed immediately when being infected with chemical raw materials, and wash clean. Deal with and should work in such airtight shoes as the safe shoes of very beginning of steel or the rubber material,etc. while only hardenning the resin in a large amount. Plimsolls, soft leather shoes ,etc. may have permeated products,not and the unsuitable wear. When the shoes are permeated by products pollution, must abandon at once, the bubble arises in order to avoid the foot by the stimulus of the medicines.

    Protection of eyes
    Eyes are extremely fragile, expose in the external organ most frequently. Protecting eyes, it is the most basic protection to use the goggles to equip. Must be worn while contacting and only hardenning the resin. The mirror reason part of the goggles will often be infected with the resin, and then it is allergic to cause, should keep a lookout carefully. The chemical smog will be affixed to contact lenses, stimulate eyes. So it is unsuitable to wear the work of the contact lenses. While working under the strong light, must wear the dark color (brown) Goggles about protect eyes. The dark lens can reduce the intensity of light, the brown lens can be strained except that blinding ultraviolet ray and blue are smooth; So defend the strong mere result best with the goggles of the dark brown lens.

    Protection of the respiratory track
    Liquid material (here inside including only hardenning the resin) How much will have volatility. Suck volatilizing the gas and may cause of chemistry dizzy and having sore throat Wait for the uncomfortable symptom. The light of low volatility relatively has no taste to harden the resin; But heat will happen when the license is only hardenned in the resin, may still produce the stink. Some harden resin to spray form operate, volatilize control of material even more important or in high temperature only. The method to solve foul smell completely is to set up the system of smoking to exhaust, from having the glue to shining Wait for the route to all need. Exhaust equipment and not so good as costliness of imagination, so long as a few funds can win improvement by a wide margin usually. The equipment of the personal protection is good with NIOSH/MSHA protecting device of breath up to the standards. The mask taken for personal protection is suitable for and used in the occasion of short time, low stink; Its activated carbon pot should be changed regularly. Taking cotton cloth, chemical fibre as material and dustproof can't isolate the harmful gas with the gauze mask. No matter what a good shelter mask performance can can't be replaced and ventilated the good homework environment.

    Protection of the personal hygiene
    When each job finishes, it is very important to take a shower and change the clothes, the skin surface that it will be polluted is washed clean immediately, and remove the polluter completely.

    Clean protection of the house
    Avoiding the skin inflammation, it is a very important part to be clean at home. At home clean to make well, person who suffer from, skin of inflammation can increase. In a lot of examples, allergic to can appear immediately, is it can perceive pollutant the infeted to cause. Want it when keep in touch repeatedly for a long time, the skin will just begin to be injured. It is clean to strengthen the house, can prevent contacting the chance of the polluter repeatedly.
  • Problems of first-aid measures
    First aid that the skin contacts
    The clothes polluted are taken off, wash the skin surface clean completely with the soap. If the light which is infected with to the high viscosity hardens the resin, the sanitizer which uses the high thickness can be cleaned comparatively fast. Secondly, can guarantee in 15 minutes to steep the skin raw materials are totally cleaned to wash with the a little warm water. Don't polish the skin with the organic solvent. Though solvent can getting rid of fast resin,also can letting resin not lasted skin fast. Recent finding: Daub the hormone milk lotion of one pair of renal glands on the skin immediately when dipping in to chemical raw materials, can prevent bubble from occurring effectively. If the skin still turns red or irritated after washing the resin off, the symptom with the skin inflammation that this kind of ointment can also lower and bubble effectively. Once the bubble arises, should send and cure to make a diagnosis and give treatment and avoid infecting.

    First aid that eyes contact
    Wash for 20-30 minutes with clean warm water immediately, send off and cure and make a diagnosis and give treatment immediately.

    First aid that the ozone sucks
    If the different form takes place because of sucking foul smell while operating, must move to the place with fresh air immediately, implement artificial respiration or oxygen, and send and cure treating immediately.

    Eat the first aid of the resin by mistake
    The patient can drink 0.57 liters when eating the resin by mistake and combining consciousness and waking up (1 pint) Water not warm it dilutes to be chemical material,and send off not curing immediately. Is it is it is it is it carry out to come by doctor to want, is it is it may cause than poison dangerous lung injure to spit to urge without permission to spit to urge.
  • Notice
    The accident endangering
    Heavy handled polyreaction. Harden resin is it chain to react by a lot of simple member only but huge member that become. Will emit very great heat during the process of reacting and getting together. Whole bottle (barrel) It is a very dangerous thing that the light put hardens the resin and exposes or heats, because the polyreaction that the accident causes is very difficult to control, violent exothermic may cause the becoming type of the container, melt down; The products break out and solve, drag and give vent to anger the body; Even cause resin spontaneous combustion.

    Danger of the fire
    It belongs to more flammable things to only harden the resin. Raw materials gas produced to burn can cause irritated, there is danger of sucking nature. The temperature of the flame will destroy the polymer, products of container know splitting decomposition destroy, the intensity of a fire may spread too.

    The urgent one handling
    When the light hardens the resin accident and generates heat, it is to defend the method to make calamity effectively to soak in water and cool rapidly. Situation when allowing, is it is it lower the temperature or move container to place a bit let it cool continuously far to ventilate to turn on. If when the fire takes place, use and train due protection to equip at ordinary times: Breathe the utensil, whole body suit, face guard, security shoes and glove. It is not the first-aid personnel that withdraw, will keep the air circulating. Put out a fire from the safe distance with the universe type chemical foam or carbon dioxide at the time of the fire.

    Procedure that abandons
    The container that used has remaining resin. Must take gloves to protect, put to the place far away from light source, heat source while clearing the empty container. Usually according to the classification of RCRA, it is not a dangerous offal to only harden the resin. Can abandon on the appointed rubbish field or incinerate the factory according to the regulation of offal treatment.

    Harden resin must is it is it shut or make products not to break out Yi solved to assemble to store only. 1.Store it in the place far away from sunshine. 2.Store it in the shady and cool place to ventilate. 3.Don't wanton change resin packaging. 4.Choose the proper resin container at the time of partial shipment. (For example: PE, PP plastic barrel, stainless steel barrel, the carbon steel barrel of the resin coating, ,or glass ware) 5.Avoiding keeping in touch with such metal as the copper, iron,etc., they will cause and get together. 6.Don't smoke vacuum treatment of the resin. 7.Don't be filled with the nitrogen or the gas not containing oxygen in the resin is packed. 8.Don't fill-up the resin on the container. Must keep space in the container, offer and suppress the oxygen that must react.

    Observe above-mentioned storing the main point, only harden the stability time limit of the resin in above one year.
    If quality makes a variation, please check above-mentioned main points and notify forever wide chemistry is measured and analysed for you.
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