R&D Organize
The R & D department of Everwide can be simply divided into four teams.

First Team
UV Cureable Resin which is dedicated to produces the electronic products for: 1. Cable points reinforcement 2. PC key + Silicone rubberG keypad joints 3. Mobile phone rolling over resin 4. BEF optical film molding resin 5. Soft version coated with insulating resin 6. Water-soluble glue in wafer dicing.

Second Team
The research and development topics focus on UV Cureable Resin, and the products can be applied to glass art, furniture joint, waterproof adhesive, plastic art, gift joint, PET&PVC film adhesive, coating, formimg, 3C products percise speaker assembly materials, solar cell module encapsulation, LCD panel clip adhesive and LCD screen sealing, and various types of adhesive for molding in the IMD film, etc.

Third Team
Focus on applications of one component or tow component epoxy resin, including OLED display device encapsulation, C-MOS &CCD modules, LED chip encapsulation and casting module, COB process encapsulation of circuit board, adhesive for temporarily fixing parts of SMT dual panel process , BGA & CSP& flip-chip for underfill, precise assembly of transceiver core components, fiber connections, signal expansion in optics, components in optical transceivers assembly, high heat applications with two component & one component & reactive thermal grease, and non-reactive thermal grease, waterproof encapsulation for automotive signal lamps, and overall assembly of bicycles.

Forth Team
Epoxy resin which is dedicated developing for composite materials, heavy electricity potting, powder metallurgy applications. Its produces including carbon fiber, glass fiber prepreg molding resin (impregnated resin, wrapping resin, hand lay-up resin, RTM resin), large motor casting insulation components , magnetic resin precision compression molding resin and composite material molding foam resin and other potting, encapsulation , and adhesion epoxy resin.