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Acrylic Structural Adhesive Suitable for Inert PA/Nylon Materials without Further Pre-treatments

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Theme: Acrylic Structural Adhesive Suitable for Inert PA/Nylon Materials without Further Pre-treatments

Author: Miss Fan Shi-Yu

Polyamide (commonly known as Nylon, PA) is semi-crystalline and thermoplastic material widely used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial applications where high-temperature, solvent-proof, electrically-shielded parts are needed. However, bonding Nylon is difficult because they are hydrophobic, chemically inert and possess poor surface wettability, i.e. low surface energy (LSE). Hence, we recently developed the new acrylic structural adhesive (brand name: KA005AB) that can be cured at room temperature. KA005AB is a two-component acrylic structural adhesive that can bond inert PA materials and other low surface energy (LSE) plastics, such as thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), PP, and so on. This adhesive can be achieved a good bonding on the inert plastic without the need for exotic surface preparation techniques.  

  Fig. 1 shows the KA005AB is applied to PA substrate and mixed. Fig. 2 shows the shear strength test of KA005 applied to PA substrates. The results exhibited good adhesion to the inert PA substrate (up to 44 Kgf/cm2) with a cohesive failure. Moreover, KA005 can also be applied to most of inert TPO and hetero-plastic substrates without any “Primer” coatings. Most of the substrates with KA005 adhesive have been broken during tensile test, but the adhesive area is still intact as before (Fig. 3). These results explained that most of substrates were occurred the substrate failure during the test, implying the adhesive strength is greater than the material’s tensile strength. Fig. 4 shows the shear strength of KA005 applied to various substrates PP (46 Kgf/cm2), PS (48 Kgf/cm2), ABS (59 Kgf/cm2), PET (67 Kgf/cm2), PMMA (67 Kgf/cm2), PVC (74 Kgf/cm2), and PC (74 Kgf/cm2).

Recently, we are experimenting to apply the same type of glue to other materials (such as glass, metal materials), so please continue to support and advise us. Hope you will have more experience feedback on our products so that we can continue to improve and grow.