Basic Information
  • Address: 640153 No.36, Dougong 6th Rd., Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan
  • Industry Classification: Chemical Industry
  • Industry Description: Specialty Chemical Material Manufacturing
  • VAT number : 16584156
  • Capital amount: NTD $40.000.000 
  • Number of employees: 150+
  • Land area: 15,700 m2
  • Company Tel : 05-5574717
  • Company FAX : 05-5574719
  • Company Website :
  • E-mail:
Basic Information

1. Research and development, Innovation, to enhance customer's value. We are composed of a group of young engineers with professional academic training. Each of our colleagues has a professional background in chemical and chemical materials.

2. We have professional engineers and foreign consultants as well. No matter what difficulties you encounter, it is our challenge to solve it for you. You can always contact us and we can serve you at any time. You can use e-mail to ask for inquiries or to call our business directly from our online service. We will respond to you immediately.

3. Strive for the highest quality. Everwide's dedication to quality is definitely worthy of your trust.You are welcome to give us valuable advice and will lead us in a better direction.