Company Culture

Regard people as wide chemistry forever of one

Since wide chemistry establish, adhere to labour and capital an organic whole coexist spirit of the honour altogether forever, regard people as one, regard every employee as company's most important assets, maintain the good labour and capital and benefit the harmonious relation each other actively.

Basic law, the equal law of two sexes work and government's relevant decrees are original versions according to working, make rules of managing of staff, will order the right that the staff should enjoy and due obligation tomorrow; Offer complete software and hardware facilities, expect to set up good and specialized working environment; Plan the perfect group insurance welfare plan, incline and look after the staff and his family with all strength, make the staff have no worry, then regard company as the family, give play to the spirit of cooperation of the group, work as one man to grow up with the company, the fact proves, we repeatly achieve the cause good result.

Set up industrial welfare committee in accordance with the law, is handled employee welfare and all kinds of activities by the leading pool of the staff, since the establishment of,good fortune committees it makes all-out efforts not planning to be whole activity and the every subsidy, to get married, bear staff not to is it have most dark blessing to cause, offer assistance immediately most to misfortune, calamity, sick and wounded worker and family, set up merit fund and staff, children of staff, is it subsidize to receive a training of, strengthen staff and friendship ties of parent-offspring also, to the improvement of staff's centripetal force and morale, have been making concrete contribution.

In order to improve the staff's professional ability and competitiveness, it is responsible for planning the annual educational training program specializing in the unit, include and draw together training program of the products, the professional training program of science and technology, training program of managerial ability,etc., is it attend book box to be overseas to participate in every seminar and exhibition,etc. to send someone, is it train and cultivate the plan by advanced talent of type to plan, combine duty margin development plans of staff, can enjoy the growth space and development that are maximized while making every employee wide forever.

So each wide people can receive the best respect and the best development here forever, we believe company future growth and honour scene lead by to wish scene, goal, each staff common efforts company, complement each other, create the new height of the cause.

  • Attendance
    • Stopping for two days in week, humanization is managed
    • Normal on and off duty: At 08:00 of work hours, quitting time 17:00
  • Have a holiday
    • General staff: Base law and relevant decrees stipulate in accordance with working
    • On-the-job staff: Get worker make full one year, is it have a holiday one day especially to offer
  • Overtime work
    • Relevant regulations of the base law in accordance with working
    • Work overtime in two hours, increase 3/4 wage according to the normal hourly wage. Further work overtime in two hours,
    • increase 3/5 wage according to the normal hourly wage
  • Examine, transferred and promoted and adjusted the firewood
    • Handle and examine and transferred and promoted the homework regularly every January
    • Consult price index, company's operation conditions and personal efficiency evaluation and handle and transfer the firewood homework regularly every January
  • Inside organization
    • Industrial welfare committee
    • Labour and capital meeting
    • The retired pay of the labourer is prepared the committee

  • December bonus
  • Three sections of bonus or the gift
  • The cash gift or the gift of birthday
  • It is subsidized that the wedding and funeral arrangements is joyous
  • Annual health examination
  • The staff have a dinner party regularly
  • Domestic and international staff travel
  • Labour protection
  • Strong in protecting
  • The group protecting
  • Staff's restaurant
  • Staff's dormitory
  • Staff's parking area
  • Educational training program

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