Everwide's Main Ideals

Start of the New Century:

Everwide starts plant design in year 1998. It begins formally in year 2000. Among this period, we are looking for what types of resin factory does Taiwan need?
The answer was found from the challenge that Taiwan has to be facing.

Trend in the new century:

Taiwan has to face the integration of global market in the 21st century. We meet competitors from all over the world. Our manufacturers require innovative designs; rapid response, and stable quality to come out from competitors’ challenge.

Challenge in the new century:

In the trend of global market, integration will be very important. From upper material suppliers to end users; from manufacturers to distributors; from western market to eastern; In resin material as example, some local suppliers can not reach users’ standard; while import materials are slow and hard to modify. We believe that a local, professional resin formulator should be required to integrate these roles.

Ideal of the new century:

We set our goal as a professional resin formulator. We follow the guidance of Innovative, Efficient, and Responsible for the uttermost reliability. We provide excellent resin for our customers.

Method of the new century:

Our present area is focusing on Epoxy, UV acrylate, and silicon system. We provide specific formulation for customers’ needs. Products are used in bonding, coating, potting…etc.

Selection of the new century:

Selecting a suitable material partner is a key point of manufacturers to success. Everwide Chemical is heartily to be your partner.

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015


ISO 45001-2018