Enterprise Core

1. Research, Innovation, Improve customer's value
We are team of professional, young engineers with background of chemistry and chemical engineering.
We endeavor to satisfy your needs.

2. We have specialized engineers, and abroad consultants.
Solving customers’ problems is our challenge.
You can contact us by E-mail or online form.
We also welcome you to contact by phone. We will immediately reply you.

3. Everwide endeavors to enhance quality.
We welcome your opinions
Your precious opinions make us better.

Our Products

UV adhesive

Bonding. Reinforcement. Casting. Removable. Specail application.

Epoxy Resin

Bonding. Insulation Casting. Encapsulation.

Modified Silicone FS series

Modified silicone for bonding and sealing

Silicone FX series

Silicone for bonding, potting, sealing and encapsulation

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 16949:2009

ISO 14001

2004 Certification

OHSAS 18001

2007 Certification